I just finished one of my favorite projects since I started Emma’s room (6 months ago).  This past weekend we had someone come in and paint the boy’s room.  Once that was done I took a can of spray paint and painted my brother’s old hat rack and 5 old, oak picture frames.


Once it was all dry the frames and rack looked identical to the boys bunk beds.  I love how a $2.50 can of spray can totally rejuvenate something old.

With the frames ready, I made five different pictures with scriptures on each, printed them off and put them in the frames.  I really love this project because it has the scriptures that inspired us as we were picking out names for our boys.  Each scripture is written as if it were addressed to the corresponding child.  I added two others that just really touched me.  The images are below if you want to see them.

JBSOH12X9 Benjamin
Helaman's Sons JBMTPW12X16 Jacob


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