New Moon

Tonight was the midnight opening of New Moon!!!

This year I was able to convince my sister to join me in my attempts of save a place in line for several hours.  It got pretty cold pretty fast but we had a BLAST!!!

Abe and Amee Ivie came with us and it made for hours of riotous laughter, games, and television interviews.

You see, part of the fun was the six-foot Edward cut-out that I brought along with us.  It ended up being the best form of entertainment you could have ever imagined!!!  There were women, grown women, lining up to take their picture with him.  There were grown men shoulder bumpin’ him to appease their macho egos and the fact that their wives or girlfriends had successfully dragged them to this movie 🙂 .

Ah, I think I’m going to go to all the midnight showings just for the chance to see what people will do with him next year!


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