Grandparent’s and Pilgram’s Day

Today ended up being a pretty full day.

It started off with Nana and Papa picking Benjamin up for school.  The school is celebrating Grandparent’s Day today instead of back in September.  Their thought was that there would be a better turn out if they used the Thanksgiving holiday and the chance that more Grandparents would be in town then.

We informed both sets of Grandparents about the breakfast but only my parents were able to make it.  Grandma J had to work and Grandpa J would be out-of-town.

I was supposed to drop by Benjamin’s class for 10-15 minutes to take some pictures of their Pilgrim Day activities.  Emma and Joseph remember me doing this last month for their Halloween party so they were really excited to go and “help” me out.

 As I was taking pictures, it somehow came out that there was going to only be one other parent helping out with all the activities.  Others had signed up but it didn’t look like they were going to come.  Mrs. Toffelmire kindly asked if I wouldn’t mind staying and helping out.  I informed here that I had all the kids with me and that didn’t seem to phase her one bit!  She actually let them take part and sit at a table where a few students were absent.

That was the wonderful thing about today.  Emma and Joseph were able to get a taste of school life. With Emma starting this coming year and Joseph just a year behind her, I’ve wondered if they’d adjust well or if I should keep homeschooling them.  It was also so refreshing to have Mrs. Toffelmire accomodate me while I was trying to help her out as much as possible.  It was great  to take part in that communal relationship with her and not feel like I was burdening her at all.


The kids made bead necklaces, turkey and feather head-dresses, butter (shook whipping cream in Ziploc containers until it hardened), and then put it on rolls with jam.

But one of the BEST things that came out of today, was Benjamin found out how much his Grandma J loves him!  About half way through the day, Patsi walked through his classroom door to spend some time with him.  She knew it was Grandparent’s Day, and even though she couldn’t make it to the breakfast, she had her secretary pencil in some time for her to travel across town and see him in his classroom.


Benjamin just lit up (as did the other kids)!  I have to say that I was speechless.  Not to say that Jared’s parents aren’t supportive, but they are very busy people and live on the other side of town, so when she said she couldn’t make it I kind of wrote her off.  I can’t say how pleased I am that she came and helped out.  Thanks, Grandma!


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