Giving Thanks for 2009!

This week was so wonderful!

With the holidays comes family from all over.  Brandon and Kyrina came down from North Dakota; Garron, Abby, and Olivea came down from Utah; as did Grandma and Grandpa Combs.  It was a full house.  There were supposed to be more (O.J. and Alla, Gordon, Grandma Icu and Grandpa O.J.) but things came up and prevented many from joining us.

It was great to see Kyrina all pregnant.  Her little Brayden Bryan is due January 30th!  What I LOVED!!! to see was Brandon with Garron and Abby’s little Olivea.  It waS SO wonderful to see him so cuddly and excited with a baby.  I know to many of you that might sound odd, but ever since he got home from the war he has seemed a little harder than the Brandon that I knew and loved and grew up with.  With his own little one on the way, it was just nice to see that he’s finally emotionally ready for this.


This morning, Abby and Kyrina came over to learn how to make homemade rolls for dinner tonight.  We used a recipe that I got from my sister-in-law a few years back but I love making it because it makes such a mess.  I know, a weird thing to say, but I do love making messes in the kitchen!  It just makes me feel like I’m doing everything in my power to produce something special for my family!  It’s the same way with cookies and anything else that I make from scratch.

Dinner was great!  Mom, and all the other women, did a fantastic job!  It was great to sit down to a meal and be able to enjoy it.  With Jacob starting to eat table foods it was that much easier to enjoy him and everyone else.  I guess you just have to put in your time and then you’ll be rewarded later.


After dinner we all played games and just caught up on each other’s lives.  The kids had a blast watching Grandpa Combs and Papa play ping-pong and at one point tried to play it themselves 🙂 .  Emma got really attached to little Olivea as well.  I think she really liked playing with a baby girl, even though she was WAY too small to really do anything.  For some reason, Emma was able to get Olivea to smile when I couldn’t!  It was pretty cute!!!


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