That would be me screaming on the computer!  I’m sure Jared would throw in a few here and there.  The two of us are getting pretty frustrated with our Christmas lights.  With this being the first Christmas that we have put up lights on our house, it has certainly been a doozy!

Two nights ago we had a pretty big wind storm that ended up blowing a couple of strands of lights off the top roof.  Of course, it was the roof that we had to get out two sets of ladders to get up to!

Luckily, our sweet home teacher, Ben Ivie, came to the rescue and helped Jared put them up this afternoon.

UNFORTUNATELY…… we are having another crazy wind storm right now and I can see that half of the lights have blown off.  WHAT THE HECK!!!!

We’ll see how long it takes to get them put up again, or if we’ll even put them back up.  I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth it.  We had vandals drop by and pay us a little visit the other night and they broke all the candy canes that were lining our drive and walk ways and then left them scattered all over the place so that I didn’t notice anything was wrong until I backed up over them in the car.

What gives???


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