Santa! Oh, Santa!!!

It is almost Christmas and we just realized that we have not gone to see Santa!

So guess what we did today?  You’re right!  We went to see the big man himself, to see what he could do for us!

I must say, I have never waited in line for so long to see one man.  I was really surprised when the kids didn’t mind or even seem to notice how long they were standing in line for either!

This year Christmas has kinda been out of my reach, I haven’t quite been able to stay on top of everything.  The reason behind this post being a perfect example!  So, as you can see, my children do not have matching Christmas attire, in fact, Jacob doesn’t even have shoes on!  A year ago, I would have been almost appalled at myself but now I’m just glad that I remembered to clothe them at all!  It’s a sad day when that happens!

I must say though, my children could probably make a burlap sac look great!!!

I love you guys!


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