6 Year Old Benjamin

Today my Benjamin turned six years old.  He was a little disappointed that he couldn’t take cake to school because he’s on holiday break, but I promised him that he could bring some cupcakes in after the break.

To make up for the lack of school friends, we invited Nana, Papa, and Sissa.  We made a Funfetti cake.  It has become my kids’ favorite cake flavor.  Trissa even admitted that she wanted it to be her wedding cake!  I think that might be taking it a little too far, but I think her tastes will evolve over the next few years 🙂 .

Benjamin got a few presents all wrapped in birthday wrapping (I have always made it a point to have it birthday and not Christmas wrapping even though it’s only 5 days before the holiday).  He got a Frog and Toad book with 8 different stories in it.  Mom and Dad got him a T-ball set and so did Nana and Papa!  The set we got him had the ball attached to a string so that he wouldn’t lose the ball.  The set Nana and Papa got him had wiffle balls and a widder, plastic bat.  So, I think what we’re going to do it combine the two and use different parts to create the “ULTIMATE” t-ball set.

I’m trying really hard not to think about how old he’s getting.  The past six years have gone by so fast and it will only be two years before he’ll be getting baptized.  AHHH!!!  I’m going to try to just live in the moment for the next little while or I might just go insane 🙂 .


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