December Johnson Birthdays

We had dinner at the Johnson’s tonight.  It was to celebrate the December birthdays in our families.  Now that we have a birthday in every month of the year I kind of like this tradition that they’re making of celebrating together.  Although, it makes for an awful lot of cake!!!

Benjamin was first up, and he got a couple new outfits, including a nice three-piece Sunday outfit.  Since Grandma and him have a good time playing board games, they also got him the game Operation.  I haven’t played that in years so I’m sure we’ll have fun trying this game out in the next couple of days.

With Jacob’s birthday tomorrow, he got to open a couple of cards and a present early.  He loved reading the cards.  I think it had more to do with the fact that he could open and close them all by himself, but he loved them all the same.

The present was very similar in that it was a musical book of sorts that played a different song each time you flipped the page.  It was quite cute to watch him push the buttons and do his funny little baby dance to the music.  I do have to say that he is a very serious baby, but not in a bad sense.  He gets a very perplexed look as he tries to figure something out and that will be followed by big toothy smiles and little claps of his hands.

The below pictures were taken during the course of the evening.  Julia and Jacob are two months apart, but with Jacob being two months early they act just about the same.  It’s fun to watch them interact with one another!  They will be very close as they grow up, I’m sure.



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