12 month check-up

weight: 21 pounds 4 ounces (30%)

height: 29 inches (25%)

head: 44 cm (20%)

My mom watched the three older kids this afternoon so that I could take Jacob to his one year check-up and not have to run after the others at the same time.

Did you notice, my little guy is finally starting to make his mark on the growth chart!  The doctor says that it will take close to two years before he’s average, but with these stats I can see how that’s possible now.

His doctor’s visit started out good with all that information but then he had to get 5 immunizations (one of them twice because the syringe wasn’t working properly), a H1N1 virus shot, and they had to draw blood for hemoglobin tests.

Jacob did the shots in his legs like a pro!  I couldn’t believe how quickly he stopped crying when she was done pricking him.  The nurse was amazed as well.  I picked him up the minute she was done with the shots and it took hin all of two big breaths to settle down.  He had huge tears but he was perfectly fine.  He always has a way of surprising me!  The problems didn’t hit until we tried to draw blood from his little arms.

We all know how tiny little one year old arms can be and it seems like they got a lot smaller when they were trying to find veins in his arms.  It took them several tries (more than 10) and finally switching to the other arm for them to find a good vein.  Jacob didn’t do so well this time and I don’t blame him one bit!  I was in tears and at one point I started singing softly in his ear to try my best to calm him down.  The nurse leaned over to me and said that he probably couldn’t hear me and I told her that I knew that but that I was doing it more for me to keep myself calm and in turn him.

I’m so glad that is over and we won’t have to do ANYTHING like that again.  All the rest of his shots are one or two here and there, and unless he gets really sick there will be no more drawing blood.


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