Sunday schedule

Sunday used to mean a day in which we, as a family, could enjoy breakfast together at a leisurely pace, get ready for church while listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast, go to our meetings, come home and eat lunch and some of us would take naps before we at dinner and go for a family walk around the neighborhood.

Sunday used to have some sort of semblance and order to it.  Not so much anymore!!!

Now that our ward meets at the 1 o’clock time slot our entire day has been turned upside down.  We get up at regular time and still eat breakfast as a family, but then I have to spend the day semi getting the kids ready for church but not fully because they’ll just get dirty or all messed up before we even get out the door.  We have to fit lunch in right before we leave or the kids are famished halfway through sacrament meeting. Also, Jacob and Joseph (sometimes Emma) HAVE  TO take naps at some point or World War III breaks out!

It’s after 4:30 pm by the time we get home and I have about half an hour to get dinner pretty much ready or I’m hounded until it’s there.  And then it seems, at least the case tonight, the kids were all ready and in bed not quite an hour after we finished dinner.

The day was over and we get to get up bright and early for school in the morning.  I hope that this schedule will get increasingly better as the year progresses.


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