Birthday Calendar

I am so happy with the way my latest project has turned out.  It will come in real handy as I try to keep up with my new resolution to better my correspondence.

With our family growing so big and so quickly over the last few years my correspondence with the outside world has gone out the window.  I used to be really good with Thank You notes; Birthday/ Anniversary cards; even writing handwritten letters, but I haven’t been that good the last four or five years.

Now that the baby is a year old and is starting to interact more with the other kids and do more on his own I have a few minutes here and there to do some of these things.

This little project holds everything that I will need to keep track of family and friends’ birthdays and anniversaries.

My cover isn’t all that fancy, but it gets the job done and I didn’t want to have to go out and buy new stuff so I just used what I had or could find around the house.

Probably the only thing I would do different, or advise you to do if you plan on doing this, is to get 1 inch or 1 1/2  inch binding rings.  These are 2 inch and they are just a little too big.  Although I don’t have my little envelopes all stuffed with cards yet so it might turn out to be alright.

This was so easy to do.  The only thing that was time-consuming was cutting all the paper to size.  But once you have everything cut it takes no more than half an hour to completely assemble.  And again, you can be as creative as you want to be and you that would add or take time off.


1. Basically, you grab 13 9×6 white, vertical envelopes.  You also need 13 12×12 sheets of scrapbook paper (I tried to match the paper with the season or holiday).

2. Cut out the scrap paper to 5 1/2 in by 8 1/2 in.  You’ll have to make a pattern for the flap and then track it for the rest of the months.

3. Use whatever font you want to write out the months of the year and the numbers of that month.  I inked my pages to give them a little depth.  Cut them out 4 in by 7 in. and the glue them on top of the decorative paper.

4. Glue everything together and then at the very end punch holes in each of the envelopes and add your rings.



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