Jacob’s Surgery



Today Jacob had his little surgery.  It also happens to be my 27th birthday!  I know, horrible way to spend a birthday but it’s better now than when he’s 17, as we learned today watching a 17-year-old boy go through the same procedure.  OUCH!!!

There were a few things that changed at the last-minute and made the whole experience a little less than desireable.  The hospital called to tell me that his surgery time had been pushed back from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm!  I tried to reason with them asking them how I was supposed to make a one year old not eat from midnight, the night before, until the surgery if it’s too late.  They didn’t seem to hear me and I found out later why.  When we went to check him in, they kept asking me if the baby I was holding was Jacob.  I thought that was a weird question so I asked them.  They told me that the charts they had made for him had him at 11 years of age!!!  Can you believe that???  They are stinkin’ lucky that Jacob is such a good baby or I might have just gone postal.

 I was so amazed at how well Jacob did.  He is already a phenomenal baby, but he just proved it beyond a doubt today.  At one point, a nurse came into our little “room” with a syringe full of some red liquid.  I asked what it was and she said it was an anti-anxiety medication that they like to give little children to make the transition of leaving their parents and the memory of the surgery less traumatic.  Her first reaction upon seeing Jacob was that he had already received the medicine because he’s naturally just a calm baby.  We reassured her that he hadn’t and she said it would take about 3-5 minutes to take effect.  Sure enough, about 4 minutes later, Jacob was using all his effort to keep his eyes open.  It looked like he taken a massive dose of NyQuil!


As you can see, he looked a little mad, but it was just his slow reaction blinking and movements that made him look that way.  Surgery aside, it was actually quite funny!

It was one of the longest hours of my life.  I’ve had a few of those, one of them being the hour that it took me to convince my nurse that I could walk to the NICU right after my surgery (big no-no).  I am ever so thankful that Jared was with me.  He kept me preoccupied with little things that had nothing to do with Jacob or the hospital.  He thought it would be better for us to eat out instead of having cafeteria food.  But when the guy asked if our food was “for here” or “to-go” I asked if we could take it to-go and go back to the hospital just incase something went wrong during the surgery and we needed to say good-bye.  Okay, I know, totally dramatic.  But that’s just what goes through your head when your child is under.  How easy would it be for Heavenly Father to call him back at that moment?  It was just not a gamble I was willing to take.  Jared’s response to my rambling was, “You watch WAAAAY too much Grey’s Anatomy!”  …Tuche!!!


When they called me back to the recovery room, it was like exhaling after holding your breath for too long.  My muscles and everything just relaxed.  It was great to see him, even though I could tell he was miserable.  (Yes people, this is my son miserable!)  His face was all red and flushed and he had terrible gas pains because he couldn’t gulp down the apple juice fast enough.  I guess when you go 23 hours and 21 minutes without eating or drinking anything except water it kinda gets to you!!!

I’m just really glad that the surgery went well.  While they were in there they found a few growths on his testicles that they were able to snip off, so everything turned out for the better!  I’m just really grateful to my Heavenly Father for not seeing today as the day to take my little man away from me.  I’m also really thankful for my sweetheart for being at the hospital with us and for being my support!



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2 responses to “Jacob’s Surgery

  1. I’m glad that it went well. Surgery on anyone you love is scary! Especially when it is your baby! I hope everything heals well and he’s back to himself in no time!

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