Outside Play



Today we had some neighborhood kids over to play.  It has been so nice lately that I let the kids go out in the front yard and play a bit.  It ended up being so much fun!


We rode bikes, did hopscotch, watered plants and flowers, and did just about everything under the sun!  I have a feeling that the kids are going to sleep well tonight after all the running around that they did.  We did go inside and play a bit as well, but outside was the big hit.  I ran around everywhere with my camera trying to get shots of the kids playing.


I ended up getting some great shots of Jacob exploring the grass and yelling at the kids as he watched them run around!  I love that little boy, and I’m so happy that I’m making myself stop and pay attention.  It would be, and sometimes is, very easy to move on and deal with all the other busy things that are going on around me but I’m so glad that I’m living enough in the moment to know that I need to slow down.



What insanely adorable feet he has!!!


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