Meet Samuel…

… the Lamanite, that is!!!

He has quickly become our favorite character of the year thus far.

In the past I’ve done fun little things to help the kids remember stories that we have been reading in the scriptures.

This past Friday we started reading the story of Samuel the Lamanite and his prophecies to the Nephite people of Christ’s birth and death.  I made a wall of rice crispy treats as well as a little man.  I squished him down good so that he wouldn’t fall down off the wall.  We also made a huge bowl of rice crispy balls to throw at poor Samuel.

As we read through the account we acted things out.  When it came time to when the Nephites tried to kill him and knock him off the wall the kids got a chance to be the Nephites.

They tried to knock Samuel off his little wall, but we put a clear bowl over him to represent the power of the Lord that protected him from being hurt.  The kids thought it was so much fun and then we sat with them and retold them everything again so that they could remember as much as possible.

I love that my kids enjoy learning more about the gospel.  And I’m so glad that I am blessed with sporadic ideas that can help them love it even more.


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