Princesses and Mythology

So, the last week or two I have been reading “A Little Princess” to Emma.  It was the book of the month for our book club and I really wanted her to read it as well.

I thought that I’d be reading it mostly to myself, but she surprised me about four or five chapters in when she started asking me questions about different characters and using their names properly.  I was so pleased and astonished that she had been paying attention and that she was soaking it all in!

We finished that book Friday afternoon and I thought it would be good to get started on next months book, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”.  I have already read this book but it was so good I wanted to read it with Benjamin.  When I asked him he was very excited but them Emma enjoyed reading so much before that she wanted to join in as well, and then Joseph just felt left out, so we’ve got the whole group reading it together!

I’m excited about all the different things this is going to open up for the kids to learn about.  They are aware of the very basics of Greek mythology from watching Disney’s Hercules.  That knowledge, combined with what we’ll read in this book, will be a great foundation for them to want to learn more about the Gods and all the wonderful stories that go along with them.  I happened to pick up “A Children’s Treasury of Mythology” from the book store a few years back and I’m so glad because I have a feeling that it will come in handy over the next couple weeks.


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