Sleep Overs

My mother-in-law just picked up Benjamin fora play-date/ sleep-over.  It’s funny how much I depend on him.  With him gone right now I realized that I would have asked him to take the diapers out to the garbage, take the laundry out of the dryer and put it on the couch, empty the dishwasher, etc.  I get used to him being such a big helper around the house that I forget how much he really does for me!

Emma has really stepped up and helped out with him gone.  I’ve seen a little more maturity from her in just the last few hours.  It’s almost as if she had been waiting for her turn to be my “little helper”.  She even went one step further and helped me fold the laundry that was on the couch.  I don’t give her enough credit for the amount or the kind of work she can do around the house.  It’s kind of the same thing with her school work. 

Emma was a late bloomer.  She was two years old before she started talking and really making sense of things.  With her being naturally smaller than the boys and most girls her age, I think I tend to let things slide under the radar with her.  It wasn’t until I realized that I had to register her for Kindergarten, earlier this month, that I also realized that I had been neglecting her in her studies.  I hadn’t been pushing her like I had with Benjamin and consequently she’s a little behind (in our standards).  Benjamin was reading three and four letter words before he entered school, he could also write all his letters (upper and lower case), identify numbers, count to 100, etc.  And that’s because I was constantly doing school lessons with him on a regular basis.  Luckily, Emma is a sponge!!!  We’ve been doing lessons like CRAZY and she has soaked it all up and retaining it.

Tomorrow night it will be Emma’s turn to go and hang out with her grandparents.  I’m sure she will have a wonderful time just as I’m sure Benjamin is having the time of his life away from his parents.  Although we miss him, I’m glad that he’s able to spread his wings out a little and be on his own.


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One response to “Sleep Overs

  1. G'ma Combs

    I couldn’t resist writing you to tell you about how much I enjoy your blog!!! This past note about the kids being helpers around the house… I want to remind you Bri that you LOVED folding clothes… mainly the towels!!! When you’d finish with some you’d shake them out and start all over again. Oh, what fun!!!

    If you wait long enough life comes back and bites you!!!

    Love!!! G’ma

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