Brayden Visits Vegas

This week Kyrina and Brayden flew out to Vegas.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to see them.  Kyrina dyed her hair a bit darker!  Doesn’t she look great!?!  It was only too bad that Brandon couldn’t come along as well, but I know how that is when you have to work.


This would have been my first time seeing Brayden (except in pictures and on Facebook).  He is such a little charmer.  He is a very serious child, much like Jacob.  He will just sit and look at his surroundings without cracking a smile until he’s satisfied.  It’s not that he’s upset, it’s just his was of taking the world in.  He has a cute little butt-chin like his mommy and daddy, and my first experience with him was him falling asleep on my chest in our lovesac.  It’s just what my kids used to do when they were little.  It was wonderful to feel his tiny chest rising and falling while I breathed in his little baby smell 🙂 .

(Okay, you’re really good if you were able to read that and look at these pictures and not feel the urge to have another baby!).


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