The Spring Mountain Stake 2010 5K

Today we had our annual Stake track meet.  It’s a tradition that they started last year, but one that so many people look forward to already.  They announced the date several weeks ago so that people would have time to train and practice before hand.  Each ward in our Stake was assigned a different color.  Our ward, the Desert View Ward, was assigned the color green!  Last year I had just had Jacob and was in no mood to get all into it.  Aside from Emma’s green Tinkerbell sunglasses, we were the furthest thing from spirited.  This year was a whole other story!


We dyed our shirts green, and then added the name of JOHNSON to the backs of each of our shirts in green puffy paint.  I found green baseball caps at WalMart for $3.00 a piece, Emma’s green visor was $1.50 and we just used green ribbon and sequince trim to make her look very stylish 🙂 .  I have to say that adding the green made it so much easier to find and identify our children if they strayed.


 I have to say that the 5K became much more fun just by the amount of anticipation and effort we put into it.


Daddy was nice enough to push Jacob in the stroller this year.  Last year he got to run it and I got to walk, push, and carry the four kids.  I remember Benjamin walked the entire 3.1 miles last year and so I was hoping that he would do the same this year or maybe even run it with me.

Jared crossed the finish line at 62 minutes, which isn’t bad at all!  (Considering how my time last year was 1 hour and 32 minutes!)

Joseph walked with Jared the entire way.  He told me later that Joseph kept making up different songs about whatever was going on around him.  He would sing them out loud and over and over again and it seemed to never get old for him.

Emma walked and ran with Papa and Nana and sometimes even got to ride his shoulders.  It’s funny, all she had to do was just say that she was getting tired and the two of them would jump and twirl and whatever else she would ask for 🙂  My dad was pretty sore later this evening.  He got an all body workout!  Even though she’s still pretty small, after lifting her up and down for three miles I’m sure he had a good workout.  Serves him right!!!

There was one point that Benjamin and I were on the sidelines watching the other people cross the finish line behind us and we saw Nana and Papa cross holding Emma up by both arms!  I mean, COME ON!!!!



So, Benjamin ran the entire 3.1 miles with me.  Granted, we were going really slow, but I LOVE that he tried and he never gave up.  It was a great chance for the two of us to hang out and have some fun!  I really admire how hard he worked and how determined he was to finish.  And you know what, he didn’t do all that bad.  We crossed the finish line at 42 minutes!!!  Not bad for a 6 year old!

We left with a few more bruises and cuts than we expected, but our track meet left us wanting more and looking forward to next year!


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