Mom’s and Muffins

Isn’t that such a cute title!

That was the name of the event we went to this morning at Benjamin’s school.  The PTA put  on three breakfasts during the school year.  One, is for Grandparents’ Day; another is for Mother’s Day; and the last is for Father’s Day.  Obviously they can’t have the breakfast on the actual day of the holiday because they’re all on Sundays, but they made it at a time when moms are already at the school dropping off their children.

It was fun to go with Benjamin.  He was so excited to show me the gymnasium and all of his little friends.  I felt like a complete outsider, but in a good way, being with him this morning.  It was so sweet and fun to watch him socialize with the people in his life.

It was a great chance for me to hang out just Benjamin and I this morning.  I love getting this one-on-one time with my kids.  I hope they enjoy and look forward to it as much as I do!

Thanks, Benjamin for the great morning!


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