This morning, Emma got to go to school and experience a day of Kindergarten.  It was for all the children that are starting Kindergarten this fall.

They started by lining up and following the directions of the teacher.  They were led into a classroom that wasn’t being used where the teachers talked about what is going to be expected of the students next year.  They gave out lists of things they expect the children to have mastered by the time they start school so that they don’t have to spend time teaching the basics.

Once we were all in one room I was able to see how many of Emma’s little friends are starting school at the same time as her.  Most of the kids in her Primary class are starting and are all trying to get the same teacher.  That would be so nice so that she can have some friends when she’s away from home.  At the same time, I can see how that could cause more behavioral issues and it might be better if there was no one that she knew in that class.  I guess we’ll just have to wait until July to find out whose class she’s in.

I did discover something quite interesting today though.  EMMA IS A PERFECTIONIST!!!  The kids were given a little project to do.  It involved them cutting out flower stems and leaves and glueing them together.  By the time others were glueing their pieces onto their paper, Emma was still cutting along the black line with CRAZY precision!!!  She wanted to make sure that she did it exactly right, and she had one of the best pieces of art by the time she was done.  It only took her twice as long as the others.

I guess that’s something we’ll have to work on.  It’s okay that she’s a perfectionist we’ll just work harder at doing it faster!!!


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  1. So fun. So I have a question, would you be able to send me that list that the kindergarten kids need to know. I know Gabe won’t start until next fall but I would love to work with him this year. Thanks.

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