Percy Jackson

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but that’s one of Benjamin’s favorite books right now.  So, it only made sense that he would want to be the main character today!

Today was dress-up-as-your-favorite-character-from-a-book day!!!

Since Percy is your average half-blood (half Olympian and half mortal) in modern times, there wasn’t really a “costume” that he could wear.  However, for a chapter or two, Percy wears the camp uniform (orange T-shirt) of Camp Half-Blood.  So we fashioned our own version.  Percy also fights the Minotaur and breaks off one of his horns (what Benjamin’s supposed to be holding in the picture above).

You should have seen how HAPPY he was to see his costume and he carried that “horn” around all day, he even took a nap with it!

Something that I didn’t think about was giving him a pen!  Yes, that’s right!  A pen!!!  In the book, Percy is given a magical pen that turns into Riptide (the name of his sword).  Benjamin was more creative than I was this time, but together we made a pretty cool Percy!!!




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