Field Day

It’s Field Day today!!!

I was a parent volunteer (a glorified cheerleader!) and I was so glad that I was.  I had forgotten how much fun Field Day can be.  It was such a flashback to a simpler time when all you had to worry about was getting wet!!!

There were some great games that the kids played and it was hillarious to stand by and watch!

Benjamin was very meticulous about the way that he approached some of the games.  The motto “slow and steady” seemed to work well with most of the kids.  Others philosophy was “full speed ahead”!

I guess the best part of today was seeing the pure JOY on Benjamin’s face!  He went to bed without a fight, got up earlier than he normally does, and was ready to go within a matter of minutes after he woke up.  Field Day didn’t disappoint, and that’s all he could talk about four hours after.  I have a feeling that we’ll be hearing about it for a while to come.

Mrs. Toffelmire was so excited about the turnout with the kids and the adults.  She had her morning and afternoon class combined, making her class the largest to ever complete Field Day at the school.  There were no fights, no crying or tears,;everyone behaved so well.  That’s a challenge in itself!  It will be great to have Emma be able to go next year.


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