Convert Baptism

Today was our first convert baptism since Jared has started his new calling of Ward Mission Leader.

It has been so much fun having converts take the discussions in our home, to watch them learn and grow and gain their testimonies.  It has been a thrill to have the children involved and learning as well.  I wasn’t expecting the kind of commitment we would all have to make, both physically and emotionally.  But I also wasn’t expecting the amount of blessings that would off-set things.  Even though we see less of Jared and I have to put the kids to bed myself most nights, the kids are seeing their father’s devotion to the Lord and the gospel and they are more sensitive to keeping the peace in the home, even if that’s just obeying me!

I am learning so much, I only wish more people could experience the kind of joy you get out of missionary work.  I would challenge anyone to have a friend or family receive the discussions at your house and to see how much that will influence your home and family in turn!


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