Sick, sick, sick little boy

Just found out my little 18 month old has the worst ear infection our pediatrician has ever seen!

To quote the med. student that looked at him too, “That is the narliest ear I have ever seen!”

Well, that wasn’t exactly what I was going for.

Jacob threw up just a couple of days ago, but he seemed to be fine after a few hours.  Dr. C said that the vomiting, runny nose, and raspy breathing and cough were all symptoms of this ear infection that he has been having.

The thing that I can’t get over is that Dr. C said that from the looks of things this infection has been going on for MONTHS and that Jacob should be writhing and screaming from the pain.  But he knows our little boy all too well and knows that the way he has been acting slight whimpering and whining) is horrible behavior for him.  I just can’t believe that I chalked it all up to teething!

I feel horrible!!!

***Side note: I wonder if this could be effecting or delaying his ability to walk???  Hummmm…


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