Lied’s Museum

This morning, right after we dropped Benjamin off at school, the kids and I met up with Abby, Olivea, and some friends from church to go visit the Lied’s Museum.

My visiting teacher was so awesome to recommend this because it has been so windy lately that the kids have been couped up inside for far too long and they needed to get out and stretch their legs. What was icing on the cake, was that we were able to take Abby and Olivea with us. I’m not sure how much Olivea will get from today, but it was nice to have her around.

There was so much to do! The kids were bouncing from one thing to another and back again having so much fun!!! One of the best things was that you could let the kids run around and explore and not have to worry about cleaning up after them 🙂 .

Of course, that was my favorite reason but for the kids it was the grocery store, the airplane, the bubbles, the water currents with boats and ducks, the hurricane, the electricity and balls, even the green screen!

This is going to be a must see for the summer with the kids. Maybe we’ll see you there!


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