Doctor Visits

Emma and Jacob had doctor’s check-ups this afternoon.  Emma needed to get the last few shots before school starts in August and Jacob was scheduled for his 15 month shots (even though he’s 17 months now).   

Emma Lillian

weight: 31 pounds 2 ounces (less than 3%)

height: 41.5 inches (33%)

head: 48.5 cm

Jacob Hyrum

weight: 21 pounds 1 ounce (5%)

height: 28 inches (8%)

head: 46 cm (6%)

 Jacob is still not walking, even though he is finally pulling himself to a standing position and walking along things.  This had the doctor a little concerned.  He thought by now he’d be a little further along (at least attempting).

We talked about his progression and Dr. Chowdry gave me the number for Early Childhood Intervention Services.  It’s a free service with the State, but I need to get an appointment to have him evaluated to see if he qualifies for therapy or other services.

I have to say that I’m not particularly fond of the fact that I need to call these people, but it’s not really about what I want at this point.  It’s about what is best for Jacob and his development.  I hope we can resolve this soon.


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One response to “Doctor Visits

  1. We worked with ECI for our oldest three so I think we had them visiting from 2004 through 2008? It was C’s speech therapist who first noticed something was up with Mo when she was just 9 months old and of course as soon as Ben was home they started working with him. We saw them mostly for speech & occupational therapy but a bit of physical therapy and we also saw their developmental psychologist briefly and oh, I’m thankful for their respite care program! We had fantastic therapists and learned so much, I hope your experience will be just as wonderful. 🙂

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