So, today I was nominated and voted in as the new PTA Treasurer for our Elementary School.  I don’t exactly know what I just got myself into.  All I know is that our school was in jeopardy of losing the PTA and all the activities and funds that go along with that.

With the new zoning boundaries, the surrounding schools are gaining more than just children.  More than half of the money that our school has accumulated over the past several years from fundraisers and what-not is going with the other children.  I still wanted my kids and the others that will be attending to have fun activities like Moms and Muffins, Dads and Donuts, Field Day, etc.  There are so many other things that the PTA provides for and funds and I just didn’t want our school to lose that- so I joined.  And consequently I was voted into this position.

I hope it won’t be too crazy, but with two children in school next year it will be nice to be around the school more often.


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