Tata Visits

We got back into town from Hannah’s baptism the other night and went and picked Tata up from his hotel.  My parents went to Europe to visit Michael’s mission area but Tata came into town for Trissa’s graduation and he was planning on staying for at least a week.  We hurried home from Arizona so that he wouldn’t be alone for too long.

It’s been fun having him around.  He’s such a kid at heart that he and the kids get along so well.  The only real reason I’m even around is to make them meals and laugh at their crazy jokes!  Tata’s been teaching them funny little songs that he had taught me when I was young.

I think he’s planning on staying for about a week which should be alright.  I’ve never had a houseguest for that long so I don’t know what to expect.  He is bringing out the creative side of me though.  I have never met anyone pickier than Tata.  So, I can tell that the kids are going to have fun and interesting dishes (and a lot of fast food) until he goes home.


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