Yes, today is our 9 year Anniversary!  It didn’t seem like much because we have Tata visiting with us right now.  He’s not, I don’t want to say mature because he’s a grown man, but he’s not ready to babysit our four children, and since my parents are out of town with my other two options for babysitter, AND school is still in, we’re kind of luck!

Jared saved the day by bringing these BEAUTIFUL flowers home from work!  You can’t tell from the picture, but they smell DIVINE!!!  I arranged them real nicely so that when the roses open more they don’t completely fall apart.  The other flowers are kind of holding their shape.  I’m not exactly sure what the other flower is but it has become my favorite “stand-in”.

What’s a “stand-in”, you ask?  Well, my absolute favorite flower ever is the iris!  Since it soooo crazy hard to find them in Vegas these flowers look like the next best thing.  I miss the bright blue/purple color, but they have a very similar shape.  For some reason, I became very attached to the iris when I was young and would watch a Sesame Street VHS about numbers.  Big Bird had a bouquet of flowers and as he was walking home the number of flowers slowly dwindled as he gave them away to cheer people up.  I can’t remember which muppet got the iris but I do remember wanting one 🙂 .

Funny, I don’t know why I remember that!  Oh well!  Happy Anniversary, babe!  I love you more than words can say!!!

***Read a little bit about the way we met go HERE***


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