Courage in 3-D

Tonight we took the three older kids to go see the new Toy Story movie, in 3D.

The kids had earned it for filling up their “Courageous Jar”.  It’s just a little something that Jared and I put together to encourage the kids to go above and beyond in everyday tasks.

It seems like the coming generation is getting complacent.  Kids are starting to feel like they are entitled to the things that they have and they get into an “I want” kind of attitude.  I don’t want my children to forget that they are blessed with all the things that they have and that they have to earn it.

On top of that, I don’t want them to forget that this earth life is about serving others not just looking out for one’s self.  The kids get to put one pom-pom into the jar if they do something courageous.  It ranges due to the kids ages, but it could be anything from doing something for someone else that wasn’t asked of them, helping out someone else that needs it, standing up to your friends, etc.

The kids go about their day looking for ways to put a pom-pom in which ends up being great for everyone.  It seems to take about two to three months to fill up the jar, at which time they pick something that they don’t normally get to do and we do it as a family.  For this, our first time, the kids decided that if they filled the jar up they wanted to go see the Toy Story 3D movie in theatres.  That’s something we don’t normally do (we normally wait for Red Box).

It was a pretty penny to take everyone, but it was worth it in the end to teach the kids some good personality traits.  We’re going to start over with an empty jar and when they fill it up we are going to make a special trip to Sea World!  GO KIDS!!!


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