3rd of July Party

Every year our great friends throw a wonderful 4th of July party.  With the 4th being on a Sunday this year we did all our gatherings on Saturday (the 3rd).

It was pretty tricky trying to get everything set up and ready for the 40 some odd friends and family that would be attending.  Since I visit teach sweet Sister Frey I tried to help out as much as possible.  The wind made it so hard to set up the night before so almost everything had to be done the morning of.

They made the party time earlier so that the kids, and anyone else, could spend time in their pool.  Of course, my kids took to that very nicely!


My family came a little later and joined in the fun.  At one point, Michael tried to throw the bishop into the pool.  No one could get the advantage so it was a draw.


As I’m looking at these pictures that I’m posting, I see that my boys really need haircuts!  With how hot it has been lately they’d probably thank me!


Now, normally I don’t let Jacob have sweets.  If I do it’s so very infrequent that he makes it seem like it’s his first time.  Tonight, someone gave him a sugar cookie with blue peppermint icing.  He looked at it for a while, and then proceeded to eat just the icing!  He licked and he sucked that thing dry 🙂 !!!  He left the cookie completely untouched but there was no sign of it every having been iced!  Now I can really say that he is such a sweetheart!



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