Emma’s 5th Birthday

 We’ve been trying to come up with different traditions to do with the kids and I think we came up with a fun one.  Last night all the kids camped out in the loft.  We thought it’d be fun to bring Emma her breakfast in bed.  The kids have been taking notice of how many times daddy does this for mommy and they’ve wanted to try it.  I think it went pretty well.

The boys were very jealous, I think more because of the presentation because Fruit Loops isn’t much to be jealous of 🙂 .


Her birthday was made a little more fun with it being Sunday.  Since I’m the Primary chorister I was able to ask her what song she wanted sung to her and I made it a little more fun for her when we sang it to her!

When we got back home from church it was time for me to make her birthday cake and dinner.  We tried to make it a pink theme so I made some pink Relief Society Jello with spaghetti, which is her favorite meal!


I had to snap these pictures of her licking the jello bowl.  I had just finished mixing the jello and had placed it into a nice dish for the table when I turned around to see her with her face stuck in the bowl.  She is tooo cute!!!

We had the typical dinner, open presents, blow out candles, and eat cake birthday party!  Emma couldn’t have been happier, as you can see, and she was such a sweet little girl.  I can’t believe that she’s 5 and that she’ll be starting Kindergarten in a months’ time.  Fortunately, I remember when she was born and cuddling with her in the middle of the night.  Jacob was much like she was when they were younger.  They would fall asleep laying on my chest in the middle of the night and that was something I lived for.


I Love You, Emma!  Happy Birthday!!!


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