Sunday’s Spaghetti Supper

I have to say that I am so tired after last night.  Or, I guess I should say this morning.  We didn’t get out of the ER until about 2:00 am, but I was in bed by 3 o’clock and that gave me a couple of hours of sleep before 9 am church.

Grandma and Camille were getting breakfast ready and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of her and her hair, the way it looks BEFORE she styles it!  Thank goodness for hairspray!  But we were all able to make it to church on time and with smiles on our faces.



After church, we all took naps while some people went and toured the new Mormon Battalion historic site.  When naps were over it was time to get ready for dinner and company.  Rachel and Park, Great-Grandma Pat and Great-Grandpa Les, and other family friends were all coming over for dinner and a bit of dessert.  Camille and LJ took a little break to snuggle and LJ finally started to open up to me.

Since we were celebrating Emma’s birthday tonight she had asked Grandma for spaghetti as her birthday dinner and Grandma delivered.  The adults had pork chops and other various adult foods, but there’s nothing more fun to photograph than children eating spaghetti! 🙂


These funny little munchkins were inseparable!  They were sweet, adorable little pieces of ham that you couldn’t wait to have second helpings of.

Julia was this perfect little princess who, somehow, didn’t get a drop of spaghetti sauce on her little porcelain face!


And then you have my son who took advantage of my running here and there to get everyone their food.  The little stinker decided to see just how messy he could get in as little time as possible 🙂 .


 After dinner, we sang to Emma and had cake and ice cream for dessert.  She turned two on our first Johnson vacation and to think that she’s now five is just crazy.  She got some new school clothes, a board game, and some Kindergarten work books.  She was thrilled and couldn’t wait to try out the board game.


love you, Princess!


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