What A Way To Start Off A Vacation

So somewhere in between cubing the chicken and beef for the kabobs, dicing the peppers and pineapple, and chopping the romaine, spinach, onions, parmesan cheese I also sliced off part of my ring finger!

I knew exactly when it happened and was able to pinch it off before it started to bleed.  The problem was getting it dressed and wrapped so that I could finish dinner.  My sweet husband grabbed some gauze and my brother-in-law was kind enough to wrap it in packing tape.  It pulsed and throbbed but I was able to finish dinner and get it served.  And yes, we did find the other part of my finger!  I had my brother-in-law rinse it down the sink so that it wouldn’t find its way into the food.


Everything was going well, until we went to check on it.  I couldn’t get the gauze off to expose the part that had been cut.  I guess it had started to clot, causing the gauze to stick to my finger.  It KILLED!!!  You don’t realise how many nerve endings are in your fingertip until you’re pulling at them RAW!

We ended up putting the baby to bed and leaving the older kids with their aunts and uncles and going to the emergency room.

I was prepared to get stitches, but they said with amputations it’s impossible to stitch.  First of all, I thought it was hilarious that they called my situation an amputation.  Secondly, they had to rip the gauze off (which I bit my hand and cried like a baby when they did that).  And thirdly, since we rinsed the other part of my finger down the drain there was nothing to stitch.  So, they bandaged me up really nice and said that I could take the dressing off in two days and then just use neosporin and band aids until it’s healed.


**** (two days later) I’m so glad I took pictures of what it looked like before because you would never know that anything like that happened by looking at my finger right now.  The human body is an amazing thing!


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