Sea World

We braved the wonderful world of SEA WORLD!!!  Ever since we went tried to do Disneyland a couple of years ago, I have been horrified to even think about going to another theme park.  I was prepared to bag the whole idea of Sea World and just go to a local aquarium for a few hours but I thought, of all the parks to go to Sea World is probably the best one with lots of little ones.

The kids were ready and rearing to go by 7:00 this morning.  They were running around in circles while we stood in line to get into the park.  It was nice to see how excited they were, and that they knew a little of what to expect.  We were fortunate to find a coupon code for Sea World.  It was through McDonald’s, it was part of their feel like a child program.  What better way to feel like a kid than to pay a kids’ price and then receive a free kids’ ticket on top of that.  We ended up paying for just two kids’ tickets (Jared and I) and the kids got in free!  It was the perfect way to enjoy our first time to Sea World.

Almost right after we got into the park we ran across this little stand showing oysters and all sorts of pearl jewelry that you can buy.  Jared thought it would be a fun idea if he took her to get her first piece of real jewelry.  So, he bought an oyster and Emma learned how to open it.  Inside she found not one but two pearls!!!  So, we had the people drill holes in them so that when she’s ready and/or decides that she wants her ears pierced we can get posts put in them and they can be her first pair of earings.  She would not stop talking about it for the longest time and I think it was the perfect thing for her and her daddy to do together 🙂 !


 We saw Sea Lions…


…and SHARKS!!!


There were Flamingos…


… and turtles…


… all kinds of starfish…


…and a whole lot of fish of all shapes and sizes.


There were rides that even I wouldn’t go on again!


But most importantly, there were stingrays!  The kids were so ecstatic to see the rays.  We had been learning about them a couple of weeks before our trip, but looking at pictures is quite different from looking at the real thing.  They were a little apprehensive to touch them, but once I made them at least try it out it was almost impossible to pull them away.  Although, at one point, a sturgeon jumped out of the water at Joseph and sucked on his fingers.  Since sturgeons resemble sharks, all the kids could talk about was how Joseph was bitten by a shark!  It was hilarious!!!



There was lunch with cousins…

…and a great Seymour and Clive show!


And of course, there was the ever amazing Shamu!


The kids were asking all day when they were going to get wet, and they were happy about the idea all throughout the Shamu show, that is until they actually got hit with the freezing cold, salty sea water 🙂 .


We ended up staying as late as we could, which ended up being later than anyone else in the Johnson family.  We had a complete blast and loved every minute of it!


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