Our First Therapy Session

This morning we had Jacob’s first therapy session.  We have a great therapist who Jacob happened to remember from the last time we met.

We started off just talking about his week and how he had been doing.  I informed her that Jacob said the word “wow” for the first time every this week and he has been continually saying it so I’m pretty sure that it’s a word and not just babbling.

I had some concerns about Jacob’s ability to stand (or I guess I should say lack there of).  I’m not sure if he just gets tired after standing for a while, if he’s scared, or if he just doesn’t have the muscle strength that’s required for that task.  It’s a good thing we have the PT (physical therapist) coming next week, so that she can address some of these issues.

We worked a lot on communication and motor skills.  The older kids were in and out of the room, but I’m glad that they got to see some of what we need to start doing with Jacob.  It is now to the point that they really need to pay attention to how much they baby him, and I really think they will after today.

The DS (developmental specialist) worked on having Jacob stand at the table and play with his toys.  He was able to take the ring stacker apart and put it back together in the right order.  Also, by standing at the table it will hopefully help build up his muscles and his balance which will be helpful later as he learns to walk.

The DS taught Jacob the sign for “more” and that will hopefully take the place of his pleading “eeee”.  He needed some hand over hand prompting to imitate the sign but by the end of the session he had signed “more” on his own two times!  I learned that bubbles are a really great motivation for Jacob.  I have never seen him so excited, which gave him more motivation to learn the sign and use it.

The DS worked on stacking buckets and he did need some help but was able to do most of it on his own.  She also made a request for a speech pathologist to come out and evaluate him for services.  We’ll have that appointment in a couple of weeks and we’ll see what she says.

Over the next couple weeks our family has some “homework” to do.  We need to work on having Jacob play with toys while standing at the table or couch.  We also need to create times when Jacob can use the sign for “more”.  So, instead of giving him a whole handful of goldfish just give him one or two so that he has to frequently use that sign.

I’m so excited about the progress that he’s made today and I can’t wait to work with him more and see what else he can learn.


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