Physical Therapy

Today was Jacob’s first physical therapy session.  It wasn’t supposed to be until later this afternoon but the therapist called and asked if she could come a bit earlier because she had some cancellations.  Because it was earlier, Jacob hadn’t napped and so it made things a little trickier when we started to make him do things he didn’t want to do.

We focused our entire 45 minute session on walking.  We worked on sitting on a small stool and standing up on his own to get to me.  The PT showed me how to stretch his feet to hopefully work on his toes and feet turning inward.  She also showed me how to do compressions on his feet and joints while sitting on the stool.

We also worked a lot on correcting his sitting habits.  He has a tendency to sit in the “W” position which is really bad on his knee joints.  He also sits with his back rounded so she showed me a few techniques to help cue him to sit upright.

There is so much to work on, physically, that we’re only going to meet once a month.  She doesn’t want to over stimulate him to the point that he gives up before he’s even started.  But my homework is to request x-rays on his hips and legs just to make sure that there is no problem with his bone structure.


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