A Day of Firsts

It’s the first day of school today and my kids are itching to learn!

I know I said it last year when Benjamin started Kindergarten, but I don’t know when I got to be so old.  I certainly don’t feel old enough to have a first grader, and what’s more than that is that there is NO WAY that  Emma is old enough to start Kindergarten!!!

Sadly though, they are old enough to go to school and I’m just going to have to get a handle on things without them.

We had so much fun last night getting ready for the big day.  Their daddy gave them all father’s blessings and we laid out our school clothes and talked about what they were to expect.  As I laid out Emma’s outfit she looked at me with real concern on her face.  I thought she might be getting nervous about school so I asked her what was wrong.  She said that she didn’t know if she should wear her silver sandals or her red boots 🙂 !  I couldn’t help but laugh, and as you can see in the picture above, she opted for the red boots.


(One really cool thing about the picture of Jared and Benjamin above, is that they’re both wearing matching shirts.  It didn’t start off that way but Benjamin approached Jared and asked him when he was ever going to wear his green shirt so they could match.  Without another word, Jared went into his closet and put on his green shirt so that he could match his son.  It’s things like that that I love about my husband and how, even though it wouldn’t work for the office he wore it for the few minutes that he was with his son to make him feel special!)

The morning was a good one, everyone worked together to get out the door at a good time.  People were polite and thoughtful and that was really nice to see.  I know it won’t last forever, but it’s a good goal to aspire to and I think the kids really noticed how things worked so much smoother when they helped out and got ready on time.


I love the picture below, mostly because I’m in it!  I know that sounds a little self-absorbed, but usually I’m the one taking the pictures and it seems like I’m never around.  It’s nice to have a picture of me and my kids.

First up was Benjamin.  It was a little confusing about where we could and couldn’t drop the kids off.  Also, we thought we were going to have to split up (Jared and Benjamin; me, Emma and the other kids) and I was a little sad that I wouldn’t get to see him leave on his first day of first grade and that Jared would miss Emma.

I dropped Jared and Benjamin off at the back of the school and went around front to park and go into the Kindergarten playground with the kids.  As I parked I saw the side gate was open and kids were walking to the main playground from the street.  I quickly walked with the kids to where Benjamin’s class would be lining up and we saw Jared and Benjamin taking pictures with his new teacher.


I was so happy that I didn’t miss anything, and that the kids were so excited to see each other.  We had him put his backpack down and took a minute to look at his surroundings.  He spotted several of his friends from Kindergarten last year and some really close friends from Primary.

I started to take a picture of these two strapping boys and as they started to link arms Emma jumped in with her best friend!  It was sweet that Benjamin didn’t yell at her or seem to get annoyed, but that’s just the kind of boy he is and that’s the kind of patience he’s learned from being the oldest sibling.


When Benjamin felt comfortable enough to brave the big wide world alone he gave everyone kisses and hugs and ran off to find an adventure!  I will always remember him letting his little sister demand a kiss from him and him giving his little brothers head-butts before walking off to the playground.  He is such a good little boy and he will have so much fun this year.

Next up was Emma.  She was so thrilled to be going to school.  I still can’t quite wrap my head around the concept, maybe because I’ve been thrown ever since I had to register her.  Everything has just crept up on my way to fast, and she’s always been a little on the smaller side so it all just doesn’t make sense.

When we got to the Kindergarten area, Emma immediately found a group of kids from her Primary class.  Come to find out, there are four other little kids in her school class that are also in her Primary class.  She was polite in saying hi but not overly social, which I’m okay with.  She has no problem talking, but I’d prefer her to listen when she’s at school and talk when she’s at home.  You know what I mean!


I hope you have a wonderful year, pumpkin!


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