Speech Therapy

Jacob’s using some signs (‘more’ and ‘eat’) and has been babbling a lot since our last visit with the SLP.

The SLP spent a good amount of time building rapport with Jacob.

Jacob communicated mainly by grunting today.  He signed for ‘more’ with a visual cue two times and then repeatedly signed for ‘eat’.  He let us do hand-over-hand to sign ‘open’ and ‘help’.

He played games by taking turns and knocking on the sound box that she brought.  It was full of different animals and objects that made different noises.  She only let one out at a time, making him have to ask.

He and I played for about five minutes, taking out batteries and putting them back in one of his little toys.  We used the same principle that the SLP used with the sound box.  He was so engaged and even imitated rolling the batteries across the room.

We need to work on putting toys that he really wants in eye sight but out of reach so that Jacob has to ask for what he wants versus grabbing.  If all else fails, I should just have him point.


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