Developmental Therapy

Jacob has been signing “eat” for everything.  He has stopped signing “more” and has just generalized everything to “eat”.  It’s a little frustrating, because it seems like with every forward movement we move backward as well.

He did take a few steps and the park by himself.  I was holding his hand and helping him maneuver his feet through the grass when he spotted his daddy up ahead and let go of my hand to take a couple of steps, before he fell.

Another great development is that he has started using invisible gestures.  Invisible gestures are just that, doing something that he can’t see himself doing.  An example would be tugging on his ears after seeing you do that, or sticking out his tongue.

We worked mainly on his communication, motor and cognitive skills today.

We started with an animal puzzle, which he loved, and worked on matching the pictures, animal sounds, pointing, and signing for “more” .  He needed some prompting to sign “more” and not “eat”.  The DS says that we should just keep with it and not give up.  She said that all babies at one point generalize a word, whether everyone becomes “dada” or everything is a “dog”.  Knowing that did make me feel a little less anxious about future lessons.  It kinda got me scared to think that everything that we might be working on would be forgotten once we taught him something new, so her words were reassuring.

We worked on using both hands on a push toy.  Jacob has this things with using only one hand at a time to do anything, so she really addressed that and worked on him doing things midline.

A real treat for Jacob was the ring stacker that she brought.  That is his favorite toy that she brings each time and it always gets good results.  I think I see a good Christmas gift!!!  Just like with the push toy, we worked on taking the stacker apart and putting it back together again using two hands.

We need to still work on all our PT goals and continue to talk to him about everything.  She said that she could tell that we had all been working hard with Jacob because it showed in his session.  I want to hear that again next month!


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