Preschool Co-op

So, today was another day of preschool.  We learned about the color orange and we each took turns naming something that was the color orange.  For snacks we had more treats that started with the letter “C” from the other day but it turned out that all the treats were also the color orange!  It made for a nice tasters table as we sat around, talking about each thing we ate.  It was also a nice time to talk to them about healthy eating.

I was really excited about today because on Tuesday I asked the parents to have each of the kids pick out a toy that they wouldn’t mind giving away and they were supposed to bring it to school today.  I wasn’t quite sure how it would work out with a bunch of three-year olds but I was pleasantly surprised.

We read The Giving Tree (one of my all time favorite kids’ books) and talked about some other examples of giving/sharing in the scriptures.  We talked about the widow and her son giving the last of their food to the hungry prophet, Elijah.  After talking a fe minutes about sharing, I had them all swap toys.  We have three boys and three girls in the group so it worked out well.  They just passed their toy to the person to their left.  You should have seen their faces as they realised they weren’t getting their toy back 🙂 .  But it as even better to watch as it dawned on them that the toy they were given was going home with them!


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