Field/ Road Trip

Today, I thought it would be nice to show our English guests a bit of what Vegas has to offer.  Since Benjamin was a little sick he stayed home and that meant that I was planning on going to Hoover Dam with 5 children under 6 and three foreigners.  Crazy, I know 🙂 !

It ended up being a nice little trip.  It didn’t take that long to get there.  We did park and get out and walk down to the dam and look at the construction efforts on the arch bridge.

The kids straddled the Arizona/ Nevada state line, making it so that they were in two places at once!

On our way back home we ran into a road block for some commercial that they were shooting.  It turned out to be Sam Neill!  I love him in Jurassic Park, Hunt for Red October, and The Jungle Book.  I know there are other movies that he’s been in but those are the ones that stick out to me from my childhood (well maybe not so much Red October, that’s been a little more recent).  Amy, Jenny, and Ashley were even more start stuck than me because he’s a little more well-known in the UK.

I love having days like today, so fulfilling and then to get a cherry on top like that!


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