Joseph’s 4

Today is Joseph’s 4th birthday!

It totally caught me by surprise.  It wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that I realized that we were in October and that his birthday was today.

So, yesterday afternoon I asked Joseph what kind of party he would like  and he told me a Batman party.  I guess it had to do with the fact that he wanted to be Robin for Halloween this year!  Either way, I had just under 24 hours to get a little party put together.

I bought some streamers, printed off Batman symbols, and found some window paint that we used to write on Jared’s car last year.  I used that to add a little flair to an otherwise bland sliding glass door.

I was talking with my dad and he was saying that I didn’t have to go all out, that I could just do a cake with some candles.  He then proceeded to ask me if this was some complex that I had developed from childhood- the need to do everything big and grand.  I’m 99% sure that it’s not a complex!  I’ve always been this way, even for 5th grade reading projects I would go all-out.  I guess my thing is that if I can make it look great (while not spending a lot of money) then why not?!?!

The streamers were ‘buy one get one free’ (and even then they were on sale for $0.98), I had the scrapbook paper to make the symbol cutouts and the same thing for the window paint.  I had the boxed cake mixes which meant I only had to buy frosting and a candle.  Even then, I had leftover candles that I could have used but while I was getting frosting I found a #4 sparkler for $0.99 and I thought that would be pretty fun for a Batman cake!  Sparkler = Explosion, and what little boy doesn’t like things that explodes (well, actually mine don’t 🙂 ).


So, after reassuring my father that this is just something that I was born with and not a product of my upbringing, I invited my parents and little brother and his fiance over to celebrate.

I always enjoy doing parties for Joseph, not that I don’t like doing the same for the other kids but with his birthday being so close to Halloween (my favorite holiday) we always get to have some Halloween twist.

This year everyone came dressed up, or at least they were supposed to.  Like I said earlier, I think Joseph chose the Batman theme because our family is doing a superhero costume theme.  He is Robin while Benjamin is dressing as Batman.  Benjamin was having issues with his new mask so Papa wore it and came as “geriatric Batman”!  I love how he’s never afraid to make fun of himself 🙂 .

 So, Wonder Woman was there along with Superman!  And I must say, Superman was looking quite super!!!

This costume was the first costume that we ever bought.  Benjamin wore this when he was 10 months old so you can see why it might be a little short and there seems to be a split in the crotch area that I’ll have to fix before we go trick-or-treating.  The best part about it though, was the fact that he started taking a step or two on his own.

Joseph got his Halloween costume from his family.  He got that last year as well and I think we’re going to make that a tradition, for him at least.  Nana and Papa had compassion on him and bought him a bike!  He has a red tricycle but his knees keep hitting the handle bars making it very uncomfortable to ride.  Mike and Amy got him a helmet and a bell.  So, as you can see, he has everything that he needs to be Robin (green “motorcycle” and everything).

After presents, and after Joseph almost killed himself trying to ride his bike down the stairs, we made our way to the kitchen for the cake!


I guess I don’t know what I was expecting, but the sparkler didn’t go over as well as I had thought.  It looked great as a big 3-D number 4 on the cake but the minute I lit the thing there were sparks flying, it was noisy as all get out, and no one had expected it so all the kids had jumped down from the table and had run out of the room before it was done.  It was quite funny for the adults to watch the kids, but maybe I’ll have to wait and do that again when they’re a little older.

Since he didn’t really get to enjoy us singing to him, I lit a regular candle and he blew that one out.

It ended up being a good birthday, even though mommy forgot!  Shhh, we’ll just keep that between you and me 😉


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One response to “Joseph’s 4

  1. Megan

    Looks like a bunch of fun!!! Sorry we were not there to celebrate. I LOVE the pic of all the kids on the sofa, so cute!!

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