DS Therapy

Kris came by this morning and we worked on tweaking our plan now that we know more of what’s going on with Jacob.

Over the last couple days Jacob has started saying “ca-ca” when he wants crackers or little munchie snacks and we showed her how he’s starting to take a couple of steps on his own.  Considering everything that we’ve had to choke down over the last week, every little achievement he makes seems to be ten times as amazing.

We practiced walking from the coffee table to the couch (about 3 steps) over and over again.  He had to put together a ring stacker but he could only take one ring at a time and travel back to the table to stack it, and then back again.

We worked on some fine motor skills using pegs.  We found out that he had an easier time using his left hand than with his right.  I’ll have to keep that in mind as I watch him doing things around the house and see if it makes other things easier as well.

The entire time Jacob used “more” and “help” signs appropriately.  There was a while there that he had them confused but it looks like he figured it out.

Some things we need to work on would be using a straw for drinking to help him with his facial muscles.  Another thing to help him get more confident with his walking is to slowly move the table back and make it a bigger space for him to walk across.

We’re setting up a neurologist appointment for November 17th so that she can come with me to the appointment.  I feel so much better knowing that she will be there with me.  She knows what my concerns are and the right questions to ask, whereas I will probably be so overwhelmed that I’ll forget everything.  I just have to remember to breath and take one day at a time.


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