Physical Therapy

Jacob is walking well while holding a hand.  He also has the idea of the push toy down.  He cruises around the kitchen with that thing.  And even then, he has started pushing the bar stools around the downstairs while he walks.  I guess it’s too much of an inconvenience to get the toy out 🙂 .

He is taking 5 steps from the coffee table to the couch (last week it was only 3), but he gives up easily.  You can tell that it’s taking a lot out of his body and he’s hyper-extending his legs.  Consequently, we spent the rest of the time working on strengthening and stretching exercises.  We’re supposed to work on walking up and down the stairs while holding the railing and one hand.  To help with the hyper-extention we need to practice walking down the stairs leading with the left leg.  This will cause the right upper thigh to really work and get stronger and support the knee more.

Something that I’m not really looking forward to doing is his stretches.  He screams and screams every time I have to do it.  She showed me how and made sure I was doing it correctly before she left because I could really hurt him if it’s not done right.

As I have been researching and talking to specialists over the last week, my list of questions and concerns has almost doubled in size.  The minute I start comprehending things it seemed that more questions arise.  Today  I discovered that the physical therapist was the one person I needed to talk to.  She was able to answer so many questions and ease some of the tension that I’ve been feeling.  Since she specialized in disorders in children when she was going through school and she works with these kinds of children on a daily basis, she was able to give me advice and information that I needed and some that I really didn’t want to hear but need to come to terms with.  In short, it was a great therapy session and we got a lot covered.


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