Hiking In Red Rock

So, while today was about Mike and Amy, we were also there for the kids.  Besides the trip to Mountain’s Edge, this was their first hiking trip.

There were so many trails and places for us to go it was a little overwhelming.  We basically let the fact that we needed pictures of the two love birds lead us to where we would stop and hike.  We got some great shots of all four of the kids and that’s something I’m always trying to get.

The visitor’s center was a great place to start off.  We got all our maps and instructions there.  The kids were able to look at different exhibits of rocks and fossils and really get psyched for what we were about to do.

We need to get used to doing things like this on a regular basis.  It’s something the physical therapist said we should be doing.  The closer Jacob gets to walking the more we need to expose him to different types of physical activity.  Hiking on different terrains is a perfect way to help his muscles grow and strengthen.

We did a lot of hiking off the trails.  Never too far so that we couldn’t get back but just far enough to feel like we were on an adventure.

One of my favorite pictures of all the kids!

“King of the Hill”
This was a pretty fun, yet difficult, rock to climb.  It was more of a slide because it was so smooth.

A fun family picture!


We did some “exploring” in this cave after we took this picture.  They went about three feet in and announced that there wasn’t anything to look at.  I think the massive spider webs intimidated them.

Trying to lift the boulder 🙂

We hiked to a hidden waterfall, unfortunately, it was dry since it was summer/ fall.  We’ll have to come back next spring, just after the snow melts, and I’m sure we’ll see it then.

The waterfall area provided a great place for us to have lunch and rest before we headed home.  It was such a wonderful day, and I’m so glad that we have discovered Red Rock!


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