Mike and Amy are Engaged

Today Mike and Amy went hiking with our family so that I could take some pictures of them for their wedding announcements.

We spent the entire day out at Red Rock, I’m only sorry we couldn’t have spent more time there.  Amy has spent her whole life in England where they have lots of cliffs on the coast but they don’t have mountains!  She was in awe of the beautiful landscape and couldn’t wait to take pictures and send them back home.

We took over 500 pictures, of which only 324 were any good.  I won’t bombard you with all of them but I will show you some of my favorites.

This picture wasn’t one of my obvious favorites, but it’s the WHY behind this picture that I love so much.  I saw an opportunity for a good picture and told them to scale the side of the mountain so that I could get this next shot…









And, seriously, who doesn’t want their adorable niece and nephew in their engagement pics!?!  The other one is just a cool shot of Mike as he was scaling two rocks.









Thank you for asking me to be apart of this milestone in your life together.  I hope I didn’t bug you too much!

Love you guys and CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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