Dress Up for School

So, unlike last year, this year I had two class Halloween parties to help out with.  Since I couldn’t attend and help out physically 😦 I tried to do as much as I could to help make the day fun for the kids.

For Benjamin’s class I made a batch of mini brownies, carved a mummy brain out of a mini watermelon, and sent him with two bunches of grapes!  I know it’s supposed to be a party, but who doesn’t love grapes?!?

For Emma’s class I made another mummy brain, and 24 jack-o-lantern cups filled with “mummy eyes” (a.k.a. grapes), and then she had little candy corn owls to give to each of her classmates.

It was a lot of work, the majority of the day and into the wee hours of this morning, but it was so worth it to see their excited faces as they got ready for school.


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