Sewing Project for Ava

My dear, sweet sister-in-law came over this afternoon to have me help her make one of those very fashionable car seat covers for her soon-to-be Ava. I’m afraid that I might have scared her into not having any more children, but then I always feel that way when people come over to my house when things are busy.

She knew what she wanted, it was just whether I could make it or not!  I’m good enough for my own standards but it’s always different when others are involved.  We looked up a couple different websites and found things that we liked and meshed them all together to make this…


It really wasn’t that difficult to make.  As usual, the most difficult thing was all in the prep work (measuring, cutting, pinning, etc.)

I did make one small mistake that ended up working out better in the end.  (Sorry, Megan, about the butts 🙂 ).


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