Youth Super Missionary Activity

Tonight we had the amazing privilege of hosting two sets of “youth missionaries” for our stake youth activity.  Two nights ago I got a call from a youth in our ward asking if my family would like to be host to a group of “missionaries” as they give my family the first discussion and we feed them dinner.  I thought it would be a great opportunity for the kids to witness these youth growing in the gospel so I said yes!

I’m so glad we were able to take part in this activity.  The youth met at the ward building at about 1:00 this afternoon where they spent time in the “MTC” where they were assigned a companion, learning how to give a discussion, they had study time, lunch and all kinds of other fun exercises.

At six o’clock they all went out in groups of companionships to different houses for dinner and discussions.  We got two groups of sister missionaries and a parent chaperon.  We had a huge spaghetti dinner and ate to our hearts’ content while Jared answered questions that the girls had about his mission and being a missionary in general.

When dinner was done, and the kids were cleaned up, we all sat down in the family room where the young women proceeded to take turns giving the discussion.  Joseph kept sneaking off but for the most part the kids sat down and listened to what the girls had to say.  Jacob sat in one of the kitchen chairs and folded his arms for 80% of the time.  He was so amazing!

The girls bore their testimonies and I know that they were blessed with the Spirit.  This was such an amazing experience (one that I wish I had when I was a youth) and I’m so glad my family was able to take part in it.


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